What a happy day when we all met in Corfu at Deva Premal and Miten’s „In the Light of Love“ chanting retreat. It’s still such a fresh and beautiful memory, as if it was just two or three weeks ago, though it is actually three years, I think!

And what a joy to share the extended English version of Lokaha Samasta with you under the trees at the Buddha Hall. I never imagined the new incarnation it was about to receive – auf Deutsch!!! Your German translation of my lyrics is so beautiful and it has been an exciting adventure to co-produce from Australia your recording of it.

I can’t wait to hear the final result and, of course, to hear it in context amongst all the other beautiful pieces on your forthcoming CD.

I send you lots of love from „down under“.
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti …

Michael Done Australia
(composer and lyricist, Lokaha Samasta)